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I am a freelance scenic artist and designer. I am excited about creating spaces that move and live with the actors. I love soft goods that flow and change in the light and recycled materials. I live for something becoming something else on stage. I love to build a playground. But I also enjoy making little magical realistic dioramas that feel like they are sliced out of a real office building or home and plopped down on the stage. And I nerd out about painting a scraped up faux wooden floor with the scratches in just the right place so that it tells the story of a chair being moved over and over again for years. 

Here's some stuff I've designed so far:


by Caridad Svich

School of Drama at The New School

Kathleen Capdesuñer (Director), Em Grosland (Scenic Designer), Grier Coleman, (Costume Designer), Riva Fairhall (Lighting Designer), ien DeNio (Sound Designer), Jamie Godwin (Projections Designer), Yarrow Hachey (Student Assistant Director), Adam Koob (Production Stage Manager), Callie Considine (Assistant Stage Manager), Mckelvey Courtney Collins (Student Assistant Stage Manager), Eli Ried (TD), Lily Fairbanks (Prop Master), Jessica Blackman (Prop assistant)

Photography by Nathaniel Johnston Photography


by Eleanor Burgess

Mile Square Theater

John Eric Scutchins (Director), Em Grosland (Scenic Designer), Mika Eubanks, (Costume Designer), Nancy Valladares (Lighting Designer), Nathanael Brown (Sound Designer), Maya Ramdayal (props supervisor), and Marisa Kilgallen (stage manager), Nate Hamm (TD)


by William Shakespeare

The Peddie School

Elizabeth Sherman (Director), Em Grosland (Scenic Designer), Lizzy Pecora (Costume Designer), Marilyn Anker (Lighting Designer), Joel Boden (Sound Designer and stage manager), John E. Lucs (TD)


by Matt Shatz

Mile Square Theater

Kevin R. Free (Director), Em Grosland (Scenic Designer), Shireen Unvala (Costume Designer), Paul Vaillancourt (Lighting Designer), Nikki Belenski (Sound Designer), Arielle Legere (stage manager), Nate Hamm (TD)